¿why choose us?


I ♥ Danzaire

Let's start like this ... We simply offer the best dance classes in Chile ... But now you must add that in Perth Australia


We offer a class scheme very different from what the rest of the dance schools in Perth offer, we know the basics of what we do, and we are true passionate about the dance, you can see for yourself, we are always present in all the parties of salsa, bachata and urban rhythms in the city.

We can talk about our 20 years of experience and all that, but it really is not important for us, the most important is you, of course if you want, you can ask for the curriculum of our teachers and we will gladly send it. We want you to learn in the right way and that you have the opportunity to choose and appreciate our work, we love what do it, this is not our job, it is our passion, our way of life and Our way of living, that's what we want to deliver to you.


In 2018 our founder and CEO Javier travels to the ocean continent to create a new market and expand the style of dance that we have developed in South America (Chile) through our classroom methodology. Initially the format will start only with salsa, sensual bachata and body control (body movement) to later expand to other disciplines such as "poledance", "dancehall", "house dance", "Contemporary Dance - Mobile Architecture Project", "Girly style" and "zumba".

To end...

With a lot of work, we have managed to consolidate the best teachers in the market and most of them with certification abroad.



We have 3 branches with strategic location for your convenience.

1. Santa Lucía branch, 1 block from the METRO Santa Lucia station

2. Bellas Artes branch, 3 blocks from the METRO Bellas Artes station.

3. Central Station branch, just steps away from the METRO San Alberto Hurtado station

You can come by bicycle 🙂

You can come by car (subject to available spaces and venues)

We perform of student presentations, so you can show your learning to your family and friends.

If you are a "cybernaut" you can connect to WIFI, just ask for the class.

• In our receptions we have comfortable seats where you can enjoy videos, movies and TV shows while you wait for your class.

We have more than 1.000 Mts2 of facilities.

We promote diversity and versatility by having multiple dance styles.

If you wish, we can teach you in the comfort of your home or in the place you choose for it.