Sensual Bachata Style.

We teach bachata classes for all levels

Bachata is a very romantic and rhythmic dance, distinguished by its accentuated hip movement (this movement is more marked in women). Like other Latin dances like salsa and merengue, in bachata classes you should almost always dance in pairs. This rhythm originated in the Dominican Republic around the 1960s.

Since before that decade in the Dominican Republic bachata's were informal meetings where they played romantic guitar music. Nowadays, almost everyone takes bachata classes given its low level of complexity (for its ease) and, for the sensuality that is achieved in couples when they dance synchronized with music. There are three types of predominant styles in this moment, sensual bachata (the most danced in the world), Dominican bachata and fusion bachata. For our part, we prefer to teach sensual bachata, we are sure that you will be surprised by your own advances.