Classes of salsa “Los Angeles Style” (Salsa on1)

If you want to dance the salsa rhythm that is practiced all over the world, you should learn salsa on1 or salsa Los Angeles Style (LA).

Salsa on1 or los angeles style (LA), is a way to distribute and execute the steps and figures in the dance along an (imaginary) straight line.

The steps and figures are executed forward and backward in that straight line (imaginary), without moving in space in a circular or curved way in the time number 1 of the music.

The Salsa on1 (LA) is a typical form of the sauce that developed in the United States. These styles, such as Mambo in 2 in New York and Salsa in 1 in Los Angeles (LA), were influenced by the Ballroom, whose dances were performed in a linear manner.

This style of salsa is attributed to the Vasquez brothers, with Francisco and Jhonny Vasquez as the most influential characters in the world.

In salsa classes in Perth, you will learn to move with the rhythm and to know your body better. If you think you are "stiff", taking salsa classes in Perth will improve your movements considerably. In Danzaire we have teacher in this dance style trained in USA (NY), Argentina (B. Aires and Cordova), Peru (Lima), Brazil (Sao Paulo and Brasilia). Salsa classes in Perth