Body-Control (movement)

Knowing your body is very important to develop your dance. Understanding that you have shoulders, head, feet, hands, arms, legs, hips, waist and torso, is the first step and that each part of your body has different mobility is the second step (isolation).

With this class we will help you improve your dance by 110%. What dance? Salsa, Bachata, House, Contemporary dance, Groove, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, whichever you want. Why? Because it is very important to know your body, its limits, its strength, including the range of movement.

We invite you to participate in the classes. We are sure that you will have fun, but above all, you will improve your movements ...

Well, we also have the technical description:

The control of the body is based on the awareness that can be acquired with the movements of the dance. This is a training that will help you to investigate and become aware of your own corporeality, reaching full control of it. In this class you can obtain the movement that you think necessary as a method of expression for your dance.